A twitter client for android system

Twigee is a clean, fast, impressive and full function twitter client (API supported).

Please contact me if you want more features or find any bugs. Thanks. junytang on gmail.com

*1.8 Change log*
1. customize pages for your favorite
2. embed picture and google map preview
3. embed urly for shorten url and upload files
4. embed youtube viewer
5. change my profile
6. customize picture sharing service
7. long-click pop-up menu
8. many bugs fixed

*1.5 Change log*
1. New UI, swipe support
2. list support
3. widget support
4. local search support
5. lots of new features

*1.2.6 Change log*
1.Fix crash on android 2.0.1

*1.2.2 Change log*
1. Add 3 color themes
2. Add mutipile accounts
3. Add bit.ly and surl.me
4. Add "from Twigee" when posting
5. Fix notification bug
6. More bugs fixed

*1.1.1 Change log*
1. remove ad
2. change the name to Twigee for the domain reason
3. fix notification bug
4. fix force-close
5. add shorten links support

You can download this on the android market.

Preview 1.8 (update:2011/04/07) Version Download